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Payment Plan Information


 Here at Bail Depot Bail Bonds LLC understand every bail situation is different and will try to accomodate you the best we can.  We will evaluate the Charges and Bail Amount along with the persons criminal history. We will take a look at who is signing for the bond and offer a payment plan that is right for all parties.

Some of the basics you might like to know are;

          We do not Charge Interest.

          We offer Reasonable Payment Plans.
          Signer must have; Verifiable Employment.

  Depending on the bail amount, the down payment and type of employment we will work out a payment plan for you.

Many people worry that they will not qualify and give up before they even call us. Please don't as we mentioned earlier every case is different and our decision is based on many variables. You may be more qualified then you think. We are a lot easier then obtaning a car loan or credit card.

  Offer based on 10% premium of the face value of the bail bond. Certian conditions apply. Applicants must be gainfully employed and be able to produce pay stubs, I.D. and proof of residence. Number of co-signers based on risk model including total of premium owed and credit worthiness. For complete details call now. Offer only valid in Middlesex County, Monmouth County and Ocean County New Jersey and available in other NJ Counties .  All Payment Plans are subject to approval. All Signers and Defendent must be a New Jersey Resident and US Citizen.


  In accordance with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance the Premium charged must be the rate on file with the NJDBI. In our case the premium is 10%. Discounting of Bail Premium is a violation of the law. Interest, Finance Charges  are only allowed to be collected by a licensed premium finance company. All unpaid premium balance must be collected, any delinquent or accounts in default must be and will be refered out to a collection agency to abide by this requirement.

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